Calorifier Manufacturing Standards


This standard is internationally recognised for calorifier construction. Whenever requested WH Cylinders will manufacture our calorifiers exactly to this standard. For more information about the specifics of this standard please contact one of our pre-sales technical design engineers who will be more than happy to assist you.

Commercial Standards

Most calorifiers are manufactured to commercial standards which are proven manufacturing standards developed and used widely across the industry for many years. When BS853 is not a specified requirement WH Cylinders will manufacture to commercial standards.

Pressure Equipment Directive

All of the products we produce comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and CE marked whenever necessary.


Expansions within our technical department have meant that we are now able to offer Design and Verification Services for vessels to PD5500. For vessels that fall into PED Categories 2 and above, we recommend vessels are designed to PD5500 Category 3 Form ‘X’.

The design of the vessels is firstly verified by a Notified Body (i.e. TUV UK Limited) before manufacture commences. The Notified Body then inspects both the vessel itself, and the necessary documentation, throughout the manufacturing stage and final hydraulic testing. Arrangements can also be made to include Radiographic Testing at an additional cost.

The standard documentation provided as part of our offer includes; Quality Plan, Material Certificates, Welding Procedures, Welder Qualifications, Hydraulic Test Certificate, Form ‘X’, Declaration of Conformity, Certificate of Conformity from NoBo, General Assembly Drawing and Copy of Nameplate.