Non-Storage Calorifiers

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A single feed cylinder incorporates a multi purpose heat exchanger. As well as heProduct Information

Non storage calorifers, which are sometimes known as shell and tube calorifers, are designed to heat a fluid (usually water) instantaneously as it passes through the heat exchanger. The primary heat exchanger is usually a U-tube removable battery which allows the primary heating medium to pass along to the end of the exchanger and then back again producing maximum efficiency.

Our heat exchangers are usually manufactured with a mild steel body and the primary exchangers are copper integron tubes expanded into a brass or steel plate. However, our expert fabricators are able to manufacture these units from copper or stainless steel.

WH Cylinders can also insulate all of our non-storage calorifiers in a variety of different ways to suit your exact requirements.

A major benefit of a non storage calorifer over other types of heat exchangers such a plate’s is that the pressure drop or resistance is comparatively low. That makes these ideal for heating flowing fluids at a higher flow rate and an example of this would be a swimming pools and large heating circuits.

These units can be used to provide a large amount of liquid with a relatively small increase in temperature usually approx 11 deg C. This makes them ideal for steam boilers in large commercial plant where there is the necessity to reducing the temperatures before being passed through a radiator circuit for example. WH Cylinders steam to water calorifiers can also be supplied with a condense unit attached which maximises the heat usage making them highly efficient.

Our expert design engineers can specify and supply the correct heat exchanger to suit your application. Please feel free to email them or call 0161 343 8610 with any questions you may have.

Please feel free to view some of the non-storage calorifiers we have produced in our gallary below.
ting the potable water it also acts to top up the primary circuit which is the water that circulates in your radiators.

As only one cold water header tank is used to feed the cylinder and heating system we refer to it as a single feed Indirect cylinder.