Low Loss Headers

Product Information

A boiler or heat pump function at their optimum efficiency when the water flow and velocity through the heat exchanger is maintained within the specified design conditions.

Fitting a low loss header in your hydraulic circuit allows the required flow and velocity to be constantly maintained which in turn maintains the maximum efficiency achieved of the heat source.

WH Cylinders offer a standard range of pre insulated and highly efficient Low Loss Headers manufactured in either high grade mild steel or copper and to the specific dimensions to suit the capacity of your system. Our headers can either be wall or floor mounted, they come with a factory fitted automatic air vent, drain and various types of insulation and casing types.

We manufacture low loss headers in many different shapes and sizes to suit your exact requirements. If you have specific requirements outside of our standard product range, please do not hesitate to contact our technical design engineers who will be able to assist in your enquiry.

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