Vent Heads

Product Information

World Heat Vent Head range are designed for use on vertical open-ended steam vent pipes, such as those found on Blowdown Vessels, Boiler Feed Tanks, De-Aearator Heads, Condensate Vessels, etc. The Vent Head’s purpose is to remove entrained water from discharge steam in order to safely discharge dry steam to the atmosphere.

Vent Head Design

Steam enters the Vent Head through the Inlet Connection and is directed toward the internal baffle. The baffle causes entrained water droplets to collect on the internal surfaces of the Vent Head. Due to gravitational forces, the entrained water coalesces and collects at the bottom of the unit, making its way out of the Vent Head through the Inlet Connection. The internal drain allows the recovery of condensate to be fed back into the system hence increasing energy efficiency.

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